Astrological Weekly Planner 2022 by Magic of I

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Chart your self-journey with the only weekly planner you will need – Magic of I’s 2022 Astrological Planner is a stunning full guide to an entire year of aligning to your potential, acceptance of the energy of each day, and validation of our intuitive experience.  Strengthen your awareness of the elements that underpin our entire existence by aligning with the cycles of nature. Through this journal planner, you will discover more practical and relevant layers of astrology and how it can enhance your everyday life.


- an artfully designed regular calendar and weekly planner
- a yearly intention setting journal
- a map of planetary movements for 2022 including movements of the moon and all the planets

About The Brand

The Magic of I is a culmination of soul whispers, springboarding from the stars bringing messages and reminders that being alive is truly the greatest gift. Magic of I’s purpose is to share tools of interconnectedness, to live with awareness in alignment with the earth and the cosmos.


Magic of I sources 100% recycled materials: from vegan leathers and vegan glues to recycled wood, papers and cardboards. All paper is sourced from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and certified sustainable timbers.

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