OMSA's latest Magic Moon Ritual Kit will guide you through ways you can harness lunar magic when the moon is at its peak full and new phases. It's the perfect companion for creating your own rituals with tools to cleanse, upgrade and ignite your dreams! 

The Magic Moon Ritual Kit comes with: 

  1. Sustainably sourced Palo Santo stick
  2. Selenite stick
  3. Crystal tumble stone (type will vary month to month)
  4. Sacred herb bundle (type will vary according to season)
  5. Votive candle
  6. Lavender foot bath soak
  7. Ritual guidebook (including a 2021 moon calendar, instructions for use & suggested exercises)

Are you ready to use the moon's energy for personal transformation?! A perfect gift idea also for your loved ones who are looking for a little support through the moon phases!