Meet Our Team


Coco Chan, Co-founder 

Aries, Fire Energy

Soul Mama to OMSA and many others, Coco first made her mark in Hong Kong as a sociable PR maven. After years of running her own successful PR agency, she experienced chronic exhaustion and burnout. Realising that change was needed, Coco shifted her life towards one of healing and began looking to navigating her destiny on a deeper soul level. Soon crystals, energy healing and plant medicine became a mainstay in nourishing her with the balance needed to keep pace with her daily life. To complement, Coco’s advocacy for mental health awareness in Hong Kong, led her to found the Wellness Warriors movement and become and avid speaker in the community. Through OMSA and her work as a Soul Coach, Coco continues to share her wisdom, limitless positivity and priestess energy as OMSA’s go-to spiritual healer, holding space for the collective and manifesting partnerships that resonate with the brand.

“ Self love starts with allowing yourself to receive fully.”


Valerie Ho, Co-founder 

Libra, Air Energy

Reliable as clockwork, Valerie is the quartz crystal that keeps OMSA ticking. After over a decade of working in a fast-paced corporate environment, Valerie’s life took a turn when she stumbled upon a Reiki healing group class serendipitously also attended by Coco. Inducted without hesitation into the world of energetic healing, Valerie describes her journey as one of constant discovery. At OMSA, Valerie leads the operational side of the business, drives business strategy and seeks to improve customer experience, one client at a time. 

“What you seek is seeking you” 


Emma Williamson, Marketing & PR Manager

Leo, Earth Energy 

Emma brings OMSA’s magic to life as wordsmith and creator behind OMSA’s marketing and social media. In her past life, she managed the communications for Hong Kong’s top wellness and lifestyle companies - getting a nod from Marketing Interactive as one of Asia’s Rising Stars of PR. After years of burning the candle at both ends, she started to feel that her life was one of ‘doing’ rather than ‘being’. She left behind her budding agency career and booked a one-way ticket around the world; spending the next two years on a solo adventure that took her to silent meditation retreats in India, Buddhist monasteries and eco-communities in Vietnam and Thailand and plant healing centres in the Peruvian jungle. At OMSA, Emma combines her marketing and PR savvy with spiritual knowledge to cement the brand as Asia’s pioneering spiritual platform. She also teaches yoga and meditation and is training to become a mindfulness teacher.

“The journey starts with letting go.”


Michelle Fedrizzi, Energetic Advisor

Aquarius, Air Energy

Reiki Master and Life Coach, Michelle has imbued OMSA with her divine energetic guidance from the very start. Her spiritual awakening came when she left the lights and glamour of the entertainment industry to pursue a path of healing. Michelle soon realised her life’s mission was helping others find their light and she dedicated herself to helping people achieve enlightenment and empowerment through Reiki healing, life coaching, astrology and self-care. Through her work, she has transformed the lives of hundreds of individuals, guiding them using her innate intuitiveness and knowledge of neuro-linguistic programming to heal lifelong wounds.

“A collective awakening is happening, and we’re here with a helping hand to guide people to re-find their life’s purpose.”