We've carefully curated all of our favourite products and tools for awakening the heart chakra and opening the heart space for more self-love. This limited edition Love Box is the perfect gift for Valentine's Day or Lunar New Year.

Includes our community's all-time favourites: 

1. OMSA Healing Crystal Kit:

Use this Healing Kit to awaken wisdom and awareness on the path to self-healing. Kit comes with trio of amethyst, rose quartz and clear quartz attuned to your healing and cleansing tools of selenite and palo santo to keep your crystals vibrating to their fullest. 

2. Lover Perfume Roller

100% natural perfume, made from blended essential oils chosen for emotional and physical support. Handmade by Australian brand Courtney & Babes, the Lover perfume is blended with warm and heart-opening fig and cedarwood, alongside grapefruit to attract love and positivity into your life. 

3. Rose Quartz Aromatic Candle:

Hand poured candle with real rose quartz crystal pieces. A light, fruity floral scent with herbal undertones inspires heart openness, healing and self-acceptance. Made by Brooklyn-based Species by the Thousands.

4. Rose Quartz Crystal Heart:

A must have for any crystal collection, rose quartz has a calming and soothing energy. Rose Quartz can deepen the dialogue of love within  yourself, and heal past wounds. It can also be used to invoke your sense of self-love and worthiness, restoring you to a place of tranquility and opening your heart wider.

5. OMSA Self-love Workbook + Affirmation Card: 

We created this 22-page workbook as a guide to journey inward and access a true sense of self-love. Work your way through rituals, affirmations, tools for insight and more. We also send out an affirmation card, picked especially for the receiver.

(Total cost of individual items in box valued at HKD950+).


Crystals should not be used as a replacement for medical treatment. For medical advice, please consult a licensed healthcare specialist. OMSA crystals are all natural therefore each specimen may vary in size, shape, colour.