Nirvana Perfume Roller

Nirvana Perfume Roller

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Stress is a common ailment in modern day society but don't let it bog you down! Heal and deflect stress while protecting thyself from bad juju on the go!

How to use

Apply onto wrists, shoulders, back of neck and any other desired areas. Rub between your palms and inhale deeply.


Fractionated coconut oil, oudh parfum oil, sandalwood parfum oil.

About The Brand

An Australian brand created by Courtney in 2014, C+B offers her love for essential oils in handmade Roller Blends for emotional and physical support, along with cleansing crystal, aura and home purifying mists.  Using only pure essential oils and natural ingredients in her stylishly bottled packaging, all products are made by hand with love in small batches.