What is Masculine Energy and How Can I Avoid Toxic Behaviour?

What is Masculine Energy and How Can I Avoid Toxic Behaviour?

What is Masculine Energy and How Can I Avoid Toxic Behaviour?

What is masculine energy and how does it play into our behaviour? In this blog, we will explain what our embodied masculine traits are (we all have them!), how to bring in some balance if our masculine side is dominant and how to channel our positive ‘divine’ masculinity.

What is feminine and masculine energy you ask?

If you have ever pulled one of OMSA’s affirmation cards that says “I embrace both my feminine and masculine energies”, you might end up staring at it in puzzling confusion, wishing you had gotten a message from the universe that made more sense. In actual fact, being able to embrace both the divine femine and masculine enhances our power and overall aura. In the below we explore more about these universal energies and how to balance out tendencies to skew too much to one side.

In a world that is increasingly awakening to gender fluidity, we know that feminine and masculine constructs exist on a spectrum. The same can be said for our energy or auras. Within all of us, we embody both masculine and feminine energies - qualities which are distinct from our physical outer appearance or our gender. Understanding how to bring these energies into balance can begin to heal wounds of feminine and masculine toxicity and allow us to engage in our surroundings from a place of heightened self-awareness.

So how does masculine energy manifest in us? 

Embodied in traits can take the form of the the following behaviours: 

- Logical 

- Takes Action 

- Driven 

- Decisive 

- Loyal

- Strong

- Adventurous

- Rational

- Confident 

- Archetypes: Leader, Hunter, Protector 

As you can see, many of these are admirable and positive characteristics to embody! However sometimes, despite our best intentions, we can operate from a place of toxic or wounded masculine energy, which usually has accumulated through various experiences. This may look like any of the following:

- Ego-driven 

- Overly logical and rational

- Arrogant

- Overly Competitive 

- Constantly needing to prove 

- Status based worth

- Emotionally closed or unavailable 

- Reckless + Impatient 

- Seeking revenge 

- Overtly blunt + in your face

How can we channel our positive masculine traits, without tipping into toxic behaviour? 

The first step is awareness, learning to recognise and notice when these traits arise and not letting them overrun you. In this way, we are able to harness the masculine in a way that is aware, controlled and intentional. This is called the ‘divine masculine energy’, here are some examples of how this is expressed through our actions and behaviours:

- Heart-driven 

- Takes the lead

- Follows through with commitments 

- Logical, but also connected to the heart and soul

- Strong, with soft edges 

- Emotionally available 

- Confident, but not arrogant 

- Decisive, but not inflexible 

- Self-aware 

- Takes action from a place of abundance

- Driven, but takes time to enjoy life

- Cool with asking for directions :)

- Doesn’t need to prove 

- Giving is a source of love and joy with no strings attached

- Takes time and is patient

How can our balance of masculinity impact the people and opportunities that come into our lives?

Understanding the nuances between toxic and divine masculinity can allow us to manifest and attract the right people and opportunities. For example, if we seek out a partner, can we manifest from a place that seeks to attract someone that can embrace the divine masculine qualities we seek? If you are constantly attracting people that don’t show up or exhibit the lesser qualities of a wounded masculine energy, are there areas within yourself that are reflecting this frequency? Another common situation is when you are operating too much in the masculine, this leaves little room for others to occupy that space.

How can I bring my masculine energy to a healthy balance?

One of the best ways to reset and rebalance is to reflect on where we are on the masculine spectrum, and whether we ourselves are in a more toxic or awakened state.

Below are a few ways to lean more into our masculine:

  1. Take inspired action toward goals: some days are better than others for this, we know! Blend your spiritual with taking action by starting your day from a heart centered place. Take a moment to settle into yourself, incorporate a morning practice or however you choose to get centered. Ask for guidance on what you need to accomplish today to get closer to your goals. 
  2. Create more structure in the day: it's always a balance between flow and structure. If you find yourself procrastinating if you don’t have a schedule, try building more dedicated time to tasks, projects and opportunities that are important to you. Scheduling in down time in between also helps break up the day, while still allowing you to feel accomplished at the end of it. 
  3. Running, lifting weights (even light ones for those who aren’t big on this): move that gorgeous body and work it out a little! Ramp up into a go-getting attitude, and bring that energy into the rest of the day with you.
  4. Mindset work: framing your mindset, and getting into manifestation mode is a great way to lean into your masculine and envision yourself in a more expanded role. Use visualisation, affirmation, or other intentional techniques to get you into the right frequency.
  5. Take the lead in relationships: don’t be afraid to make the first move! People will respond with enthusiasm if you are acting from heart-centered intentions. 

In our next blog, we explore the feminine aspect and how you can channel and balance out the feminine in you - stay tuned for more.