How to Create Moon Rituals at Home

How to Create Moon Rituals at Home

How to Create Moon Rituals at Home

We get asked so many questions about creating rituals around the moon's energy, so here we are to answer them!  Read on to learn about why rituals have been so important to us through time, and how to go about making the most of mama luna's powerful energy.

What can rituals offer us? 

Rituals, in ceremonious or day-to-day forms, have been performed amongst humans across cultures for centuries. They provide connectedness with those around us and a way to communicate on a deeper level, which is the foundation for human interaction.

Rituals also give us a framework for us to evaluate the way we respond to the world around us. From a place of stability, we are able to come to terms with what we might be facing internally, leaving us better able to manage our emotions and find a sense of clarity when we feel overwhelmed.

It is critically important to have them, and ones which we can call our own, and even pass down as traditions - essentially, it creates meaning and context to our day to day lives.

What is the deal with the full moon and new moon?

In nature, full and new moons are the natural cycles marking the beginnings and endings of the lunar path each month. For centuries, humans have been living by these natural cycles, believing that by syncing to the potent lunar energy, they could bring about change and transformation in their lives.

During the new moon, the sky is darkest as the sun is illuminating the side of the moon further from Earth and not visible to us. In the darkness, we plant our intentions and goals, and hope they bear fruit in the future. It is also a fertile time to start new projects or set off in a new direction to be fulfilled for the upcoming cycle.

During the full moon, when the sky is at its brightest and full of light from the moon, it is a time to reflect on your life and express gratitude, while shedding anything that doesn’t feel aligned to you.

When we take a moment to pause for reflection and connect with the natural energies of the universe, we may feel more emboldened to be able to see more clearly what is needed and be inspired to take action.

How does lunar energy play into our own wellbeing?

In our modern world, our pace of living and trying to keep up can be exhausting. Natural cycles that we would usually experience are often interrupted, extended, or completely ignored as we strive to meet deadlines and keep cadence with the pace of the world around us.

It is instinctive for our lives to have peaks and troughs, beginnings and endings to any chapter.

When we take a moment to reflect on this, and see the cycles happening around us in nature, we can be reminded to be more present, mindful of where we are in our own journey. We can restore our sense of wellbeing by coming home to ourselves, seeking from within rather than external pressures, validation and timelines.

What are some things to consider/practice when a new moon is arriving?

There are plenty of exercises, rituals or ceremonies that can take place in preparation for a new moon. It should be a practice that feels meaningful to you, and more importantly, accessible - as to be not overly elaborate to prevent you from carving out time for yourself.

As guidance:

  1. Prep your space: our energy extends beyond our physical body, and our environment is important to get us into the right state of mind and set the mood. Place any distraction away from you and settle in. Cleanse your space with crystals or sacred herbs.
  2. Prep your mindset: use breathwork, meditation or simply sit quietly for a few moments, allowing yourself to come into the present moment, calling forth inspiration.
  3. Write it down: Have a journal nearby to jot down your thoughts in your higher consciousness state
  4. Actionable steps: Reflect on what you need to do post the session to put your dreams into motion.
  5. Following through: Use a mantra, affirmation, to make it memorable. Keep yourself accountable, and lock in the momentum of moving forward with a personal mantra or power statement. Some examples:
The universe is conspiring for me, not against me.
Everything I desire is making its way to me.
I am a magnet for my dreams, for miracles.


What can I do around the full moon?

The same guidance goes for full moon. However, remember that new moon energy is a time for setting new intentions, goals and direction. Be receptive of a change in routine, and remain fluid with your planning.

For the full moon, the energy during this time is about showing gratitude and reflecting on all you have done, and releasing what no longer serves you. If something seems hard to let go, dig deeper to address the root issue and send it along with gratitude.

You can consider using OMSA’s magic moon ritual set to guide you through both new and full moon cycles. 

Happy ritual making!