Feminine Energy: How to Channel the Divine Goddess in You

Feminine Energy: How to Channel the Divine Goddess in You

Feminine Energy: How to Channel the Divine Goddess in You

In our last blog we covered masculine energy and how to restore stable ground when its traits are making you feel unbalanced. In this article we will explore the intricacies of feminine energy! Read  on to learn how to raise your overall vibration and connect the divine feminine goddess in you!

What is feminine energy?

In our male dominated, achievement oriented culture, the idea of feminine energy often has an awkward or even negative connotation. Traits often relate to being more emotional than rational, gentle rather than abrasive, going with the flow or being easily influenced by others, leaning into intuition rather than being logical. 

As we explored in part I of this series, feminine and masculine energy work in tandem to create a tension between equally powerful ends of our energy spectrum. In today’s male-dominated day and age, there is a need to rewire ourselves to embrace the facets of feminine energy in a more positive context. Doing this allows us to achieve a more wholesome and balanced state of being!

So how does feminine energy manifest in us? 

The following behaviours can be identified as embodied in traits of the feminine form: 

  • Intuitive 
  • Flexible 
  • Nurturing 
  • Gentle 
  • Healing 
  • Patient 
  • Expressive 
  • Emotional 
  • Receiving 

More often than not, we see traits of the wounded feminine in play. This may be the result of feminine qualities being viewed in society as weaknesses. When this stigma registers in us, it begins to create a toxic accumulated experience. Wounded feminine energy can be exhibited by: 

  • Indecisiveness
  • Jealousy
  • Drama and chaos 
  • Needy energy 
  • Seeks validation 
  • Waiting to be saved 
  • Judgmental/gossiping
  • Easily taken advantage of 
  • Zero boundaries 
  • Victim mentality 
  • Manipulative 
  • Feeling powerless 
  • Entitled
  • Overly critical of self and others

There are certainly a number of these traits that many of us have personally inflicted or experienced others projecting on us. They sometimes become exacerbated in women-to-women interactions, over women-to-men interactions. Why can’t we just get along and support each other, right?! 

How to move past wounded feminine energy?

Simple awareness of wounded feminine behaviour and taking steps to move to a more neutral energetic space can result in different behaviour in yourself, and also the way others interact with you. Many people can have massive breakthroughs when they start operating from a healed rather than wounded place. 

What is the divine feminine, and how do I get there?

When we connect with where our wounds might be, we are able to move forward into more of a  divine feminine space. This manifests in behaviours that have:

  • Healthy boundaries 
  • Self-validation 
  • Can say no when needed 
  • Honors all emotions 
  • Radiant energy
  • Heart-centered communication and transparency 
  • Receives graciously 
  • In tune with others, but doesn’t take on emotions 
  • Grounded in worth 
  • Supportive and nurturing, but doesn’t sacrifice the self 
  • Empathy or others instead of judgemental
  • Refrains from gossip 
  • Doesn’t get carried away with emotions or project onto others 
  • Flows but not indecisive 
  • Happy for others successes, as you know there’s overflow for all

If you find yourself on the more masculine end of the spectrum, or wanting to heal from unbalanced habits of toxic feminine traits, here are a few ways to reprogramme:

  1. Practice receiving: start with the small habits such as receiving a compliment graciously. When someone offers a helping hand, don’t feel awkward about accepting! By going through the motions of receiving praise, help,or kindness, we start to open up and accept more love and light into our lives, giving ourselves permission to receive. This can have radical changes in our energy and aura.
  2. Go with the flow more: in our day to day lives we are so focused on getting things done because we believe that productivity is a highly rewarding trait. Balancing the act of doing vs. being (peaceful, calm, balanced, present) can be equally valuable. Taking time out to be free opens us up to possibilities and opportunities that we may miss by being so busy. It is important to daydream, to let creativity and inspiration flow to us when we are not preoccupied.
  3. Move your body: The easiest way to move energy is of course, to move! Dance like no-one is watching, sway your hips, let the beat take you over. Swaying or moving your hips activates the sacral chakra, your energy center for creativity, sexuality, and more.
  4. Spend time tapping into intuition: growing your intuition is something we consciously practice in the OMSA community. Tuning out the outside noise, and inquiring within to activate your innate wisdom is the path to finding your true sense of well-being and purpose. Soon, you will begin to attract what you are seeking.
  5. Rewire your relationships with feminine energy: look at the list above and write down which traits you may want to work on. Think of examples where you could have side-stepped a toxic situation? Get into the habit of catching yourself in the act and redirecting course. Use affirmations and positive statements to rewire your habits: “I am happy, I am healthy, I am me!”.
  6. Let go of control: of the situation and of others. When we let go, we allow room for the unexpected to happen. From a place of divine feminine and masculine energy, only boundless opportunities lie ahead….