Empower the Year You Want Through Visualisation

Empower the Year You Want Through Visualisation

Empower the Year You Want Through Visualisation


Have you had a chance to think about your goals for the year ahead? It’s not too late. In fact we caught you at just the right time! Instead of rehashing a familiar list of do’s and dont’s, we invite you to try a powerful method that uses tested visualisation techniques to ‘intend’ your desired reality. In just 30 minutes, you will lay down positive patterns, programme your brain for success and summon a year that is in your control.

You might have heard of athletes using visualisation methods as part of their performance training. In fact it’s the number one technique used by sports psychologists. Using multisensory visualisation, the process taps into the brain’s reticular activating system (a network of neutrons like our inner GPS) to programme our perceptions of reality.

Just as professional sportsmen and sportswomen are able to successfully visualise their wins, you too can materialise yours. Not dissimilar from recalling the course of a race, this visualisation will take you through the steps and sensory experiences of the future life you wish to live out. How you navigate through the day, how you experience highs and lows and how you feel in each moment.

With numerology predicting the angel number year of 2020 as one where greatest potentials can be achieved, there’s no better time to dream big. Are you ready to take your life to the next level?

What you will need:

  • Notepad
  • Pens (get colourful!)
  • Labradorite crystal, or your favourite crystal for intention setting
  • Your imagination 

Remember to:

  • Let go of restricting thoughts and don’t leave any areas untouched. If you notice you’re holding back because of fear or uncertainty, make sure to go there
  • Think and answer questions in the present tense (as if you are your future self)
  • Use positive words only
  • Trust your imagination and get as detailed as you can in your visualisations

Visualisation Ceremony to Empower Your Year

  1. Prepare the space

Find a quiet space without distractions where you feel comfortable. Clear the energy by burning sage or Palo Santo. Take any extra steps to make yourself more relaxed and at ease, lighting a softly scented candle or rubbing your temples with a mind-clearing essential oil.

  1. Ground

Prepare to focus the mind with a grounding meditation. From here you will sink into a space in your subconscious where wisdom can be received.

Grounding meditation (10 minutes): Find a comfortable seat, cross-legged on a cushion or on a chair, and hold your crystal in your left palm (the receptive hand). Become aware of your breath and take a few rounds of deep inhales and exhales. Now envision a red glowing light at the base of your spine. Focus on this light and visualise it flowing down your legs, out the bottom of your feet, reaching deep into the floor, like roots grounding you to the Earth. Continue focussing on this cycle of energy for 10 minutes.

  1. De-clutter

Reflect on your past year. What were your greatest achievements? What obstacles did you come across? What lessons did you learn? What did not serve you?

Pick out 3 things that you wish to take with you into the year and 3 things you wish to leave behind.  

  1. Visualise

Now take a few deep belly breaths. With each exhale let go of your thoughts of the past.

Now imagine yourself waking up 6 months from now. Become aware of the sensations around you, what can you see, smell, hear and touch? Begin going through each step of your day. Imagine all the details as you go through the motions of your day, taking yourself all the way to the evening.

Ask yourself the following questions, and respond in the present tense (as your future self). Sit with each answer for a moment, noticing how every cell in your body feels with that envisioned reality.

  • How do I feel when I wake up in the morning?
  • What is my morning routine?
  • What am I wearing?
  • What kind of food am I fuelling my body with?
  • What does my workday involve?
  • What projects am I working on?
  • What do I do in my free time?
  • What friends do I surround myself with?
  • How do I deal with daily stressors?
  • What brings me joy in the day?
  • How do I feel at the end of the day?
  • What am I most grateful for?
  1. Seal the Ritual

Close the ceremony by rubbing your palms together and placing them over your face, slowly draw them away to let the light in as you open your eyes.

Seal and release your intentions to be manifested in the universe by writing them down in your notebook. Write as if you are recording a journal entry of that day you envisioned, not forgetting any details of what you experienced and how you felt.

Here are some other tools for continuing and strengthening your visualisation work throughout the year:

  • Create a Vision Board for 2020. Just like a mind map, draw out visual reminders of everything that you imagined for yourself. Make it colourful and eye-catching - get creative! Hang it somewhere you can see it and tune into your intentions every day
  • Integrate your visualisations into your morning meditations. Spend the last 3-5 minutes of your mediation ruminating over how you will live out your intentions that day
  • Track your progress and achievements in a physical diary. This magical planner comes with personal and spiritual goal trackers AND an astrology guide so you can see which days you are most cosmically aligned to manifest

Happy visualising and let us know how your ceremony goes. Remember the magic lies in letting go of mental tethers and embracing the YOU, you want to be. This angel number year is in your control, so dream big!