Crystals for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners

Crystals for Beginners

Are you new on your crystal journey and confused with where to start? We understand that it might be daunting to wade through the vast amount of information and lingo out there. That’s why we’re here to explain and launch your journey towards crystal healing. 

A background on crystals 

Crystals encapsulate generations of the earth’s divine stories and knowledge, exceeding the history of humanity. The oldest crystals date back 4.4 billion years, used throughout history as an emblem of purity and intelligence. This is most notable in Chinese culture, where jade held the status as the imperial gem of the Qing Dynasty, and symbolised Confucian virtues of courage, wisdom and compassion. 

There’s no denying that crystals are beautiful to look at, but their greatest value lies in their energetic power. As humans, we emit our own frequencies or vibrations, which are based on our mood, interactions and environment. High-vibe frequencies are positive feelings of happiness, love and gratitude, whereas low-vibe frequencies include negative feelings of anger, despair and fear. By contrast, crystals act as a stable source of vibrations owing to their rock density and natural geometric construct. As such, the interaction between humans and crystals can help raise our own vibrations to reframe our mindset and emotions. 


Uses of crystals

Crystals are useful in healing our emotional, physical and energetic dimensions. They can help remove emotional blockages to help us feel lighter, bringing more space for positivity into our bodies. They can improve circulation in the body, giving us greater power and motivation to confront physical obstacles. Lastly, they can remove any energetic or spiritual blockages that put us off balance. These blockages are hard to describe, but have you ever felt off but can’t quite figure out what the issue is? You’ve probably experienced it more often than you know! 

Below are the many ways in which crystals can be incorporated into your daily life to heal these imbalances. 

  • Meditation
  • Healing
  • Feng Shui
  • Protection
  • Elixirs
  • Rituals
  • Beauty Care
  • Manifestation
  • Jewelry
  • Home Decor

Choosing the best crystals for you 

Now that you’re ready to start your crystal healing process, it’s time to choose the best crystal to start your journey with! 

Fortunately, choosing a crystal relies on your personal intuition. which will guide you to what you need most. Each crystal has its core healing properties, and if it catches your eye, draws you in or elicits an emotion in you, trust your gut that the crystal can benefit you on an energetic level. 

Useful crystals for beginners

Below are some useful crystals for beginners to start with: 

1. Clear Quartz

This is often labelled as the ‘Master Healer’ for its versatility. It is a common crystal to start with because it easily absorbs frequencies, making it good for bringing clarity and understanding. It’s great for general healing and raising vibrations.

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2. Rose quartz

This is the crystal of unconditional love. It can help direct energy inwards to promote self-love by encouraging self-acceptance and forgiveness, healing deep-seated trauma. Alternatively, it can help one radiate energy outwards to bring in new romance or strengthen existing relationships, allowing you to embrace passion and intimacy.

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3. Selenite

This is a very calming crystal that embraces the angelic realm and moon energy. It can be used to divert negative energies. It also has remarkable cleansing properties that allow it to raise the vibration of any space. This also makes it one of the few crystals which don’t need to be cleansed and can cleanse other crystals nearby. 

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4. Amethyst

This crystal is special for its spiritual properties, coined as the ‘psychic’ stone. It helps us to elevate our state of consciousness and deepen our intuition. This is great for relieving stress and improving the quality of relaxation. 

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Step-by-step guide on how to work with crystals

1. Cleansing 

The method to cleansing any crystal needs to be thoroughly researched because this differs between crystals. For example, some crystals should not be placed in water or bathed under the sun for too long. 

Below are some common cleansing methods: 

Smudging: Move your crystal through the smoke of sacred herbs, eg. sage or palo santo for about 30 seconds, or longer if it’s been a while since the last cleansing. 

Salt: Place crystals in a bowl of salt overnight to recharge. Dispose of the salt afterward and do not reuse it.

Sun/moon charging: Recharge crystals under sunlight or moonlight. 

Visualisation: Place your stone in your hands, and visualise your hands filling with white, radiant light. Envision the light growing brighter in your hands and enveloping the crystal, flushing out impurities. This method may seem intimidating at first, but the more self-aware you are, the easier this will become. 

Sound: Use a singing bowl, a tuning fork, chanting or even a bell to produce a single pitch or tone. This washes the same vibration onto the crystal. 

Water: Place crystals in a bowl of water or under running water, ideally nature’s running water. Be careful with this method, making sure your crystal is compatible with water. 

Soil: Placing crystals in soil allows it to naturally recharge from the earth’s nourishing energies.


2. Programming crystals and setting intentions

The reason why we program crystals is to focus its energies to help us manifest our personalised goals, intentions or desires. This makes it much more powerful and effective for us and reduces the possibility of unintended consequences. 

To start, hold the crystal in your hands, quiet your mind and communicate your goals and intentions (aloud or quietly). Use short and simple words for what you want to manifest and ask for the crystal’s guidance so that the crystal has a clear vision of your personhood. Be specific! And Voila - the crystal is now programmed to work for you, wasn’t that easy!


3. Crystal grid

A crystal grid allows you to use a collection of stones and help them focus their energies for a specific intention. This is affected by the shape of the grid as well as the type of crystals used, which can work to magnify the energetic powers of the crystals. Here’s a guide on how to form a grid. 

As much as we love and respect crystal power and energy, there’s definitely so much more to explore in your spiritual journey, such as moon magic and affirmative meditations. It’s important to bear in mind that a holistic approach is most beneficial and effective when it comes to your spiritual wellness.