A Portal To Your Awakening

OMSA (“Ohm for the Spiritually Awakened”) is an e-commerce & lifestyle portal
for those seeking a deeper awakening through spirituality and introspection.

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OMSA is your portal to embrace
more gratitude, empathy and self-love,
changing the world by healing ourselves first.



Whether you identify as spiritually awakened or are just looking for something to help you keep your life balanced, we strive to make spirituality free and open to everyone as we welcome you to the age of woo...! With OMSA, your journey has never been easier.


By acknowledging the need to stay connected not only with others but also with the world we live in, we turn an age-old concept of spirituality into a contemporary practice for the modern man and woman seeking to be “woke.”


In a world of incessant noise, introspection and trusting your gut is the key to maintaining a balancing act. By channeling your intuition, you have the power to ground yourself despite ever constant change.